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Why Mulch Your Garden

Mulch is essential for water smart gardeners, helping to suppress weeds and conserve moisture while improving the look of our gardens. Quite simply it is a layer of material spread on the ground around plants. Spread the mulch to a depth of 7 – 10 cm, the mulch has to be thick enough to suppress weeds but thin enough to still allow water to penetrate.

Mulch helps to conserve water by reducing evaporation from the soil surface. Good organic mulch will break down, and in the long term will improve the condition and fertility of the soil. Leaving the mulch to sit in a big pile steaming is the best way to prevent nitrogen draw down, if you have the space and the time leave the delivered mulch in its massive pile for 2 – 3 weeks by which time it will have used its own heat to speed up the decomposition process.

Our Garden Mulch

Our garden mulch is made from chipped branches and leaves that we mulch throughout the day, our tree mulch is cheap solution to covering garden beds to save on water evaporation

Mulch Sales Smiths Gully

How To Use Our Garden Mulch

If you haven’t got the space or the time then before spreading the mulch use a fertiliser rich in nitrogen such as a complete slow release product or manure {pellets or aged – not fresh it will burn the plants}. This will prevent the mulch sucking nitrogen out of the soil to aid the decomposition process.

The leafy mulch has more vitamins for the plants, but it will decompose quicker than woody mulch. However woody mulch is low in nutrients.

Species of trees for mulch – any mulch is good for the garden – all mulches will be freshly cut and will require fertiliser if spread within a week after delivery to prevent plants yellowing and slowing growth down.

Click for More info on mulch from Melissa King at the ABC’s Gardening Australia

We proudly offer mulch sales & delivery services across the Smiths Gully area and surrounding suburbs

Buy Garden Mulch & Local Delivery

To order mulch from Simpson’s Tree Service, simply order online below, remember to give a spot where you’d like it dropped should the truck fill up whilst no one is home. Our truck holds 13 cubic metres of mulch – we have measured the bin’s capacity.

Generally it takes about a week from ordering to delivery – longer in springtime and pre-Christmas.

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