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Pruning Trees

At Simpson’s Tree Service we have been pruning trees safely and according to Australian Standards in the Lalor area for over 20 years. We climb trees and can reduce the branch size to lessen the risk of branch failure and reduce the overall canopy size.

All cuts are done to a branch union or the trunk whichever is in the tree’s best interest. We will only “Lop” trees at the request of the client; otherwise the tree can become unsafe. The new branches that grow resulting from the lopping generally have poor branch attachment to the tree trunk – increasing the likelihood of the failure of the limb.

We also do canopy reduction which is like a big haircut for a big tree; our boys take a lot of pride in this sort of work and regularly check out the trees they’ve worked on to see how they’re responding to the pruning. Some trees we have worked on many times over the 20 years our company has been in operation, which we love.

Remember a tree near a house saves a packet come summer in reduced air conditioning bills, and slows heat loss over night in winter.

Tree Pruning

Pruning Over Hanging Neighbors trees

We will happily prune one branch off to clear your service wires and keep the electricity companies happy. We can prune back the neighbour’s trees which can be done to fence line with or without their permission by an Arborist.

We proudly offer tree trimming services across the Lalor area.

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Simpsons Tree Service have $10,000,000 insurance cover. So if you have concerns about possible damage to your property – you can be assured that Simpsons Trees have it covered.

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